My first article was DELETED on the English Wikipedia


After a long time since I joined Wikipedia, I thought maybe I should give it a shot and write one article on the English Wikipedia. Well, I did, and after some time, I published it. One guy from Wales deleted it. I confronted him with my rude email. He did not respond swiftly. Took him some time to reply, maybe the email was choking him or he was figuring out how to answer a dumb African like me.

Frankly, I couldn’t handle the deletion part. It was too overwhelming. Took me all night long to think what went wrong? And finally, I looked into his talk page and found some quick list of questions and answers provided from the standard Wikipedia guideline, but the way he answered it in a flamboyance way triggered my anger and I stormed him with my very, very RUDE email.

I accused him of being a racist, though he denied it, and looks like it hurts him so hard. He somehow managed to outline some short and clear message to me which left me in a bad position as a total loser of time. Instead of defending my article by providing points and credible sources I attacked his personality by imposing false and crazy [ass] ideas of racism and stuff like that.

I was so hard on him. But anyway, I cannot correct whatever happened, happened, let it stay that way. Now I’m thinking to come back with a broad view that would help me make my points and create a better article [that] will last and never face the deletion part.

My sincere apologies to user Deb who seemed devastated with my behavior, but hey this is the world full of shi* you cannot expect all people to be the same.

TRUST ME, you don’t want to see the email I sent to him.

Stay blessed!



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