Collaboration and Correction with User:Deb

After the first attempt went sour, I had to redeem myself from the sins I have had committed and face my inner demon by apologizing to user Deb and soon after that, he/she agreed to help me out fixing all the problems were found on the article which I have published. Apparently, I wasn’t behaving myself. User Deb seems to be my perfect ally to my future attempts. Possibly I will not be going to add anything unless I see her/him first.

I call this the greatest achievement to further my participation on the English Wikipedia. His/her first move towards the corrections was that I should have first written about him on my home Wikipedia, I guess that would be done. And once it is done, I would have to alert her about the creation and look for more sources to back up the deleted article. That was the agreement.

Until then,
Stay blessed!







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