Riccardo strikes again! SW Wikipedia reaches 45,000+ articles

Well, not that long enough since I posted about the rapid increase of a number of the articles on the Swahili Wikipedia. My previous post, I was speaking highly on Riccardo. I tried to share some of his historical background including his contributions. Now you see what I was talking about. amazing

To find out what he was really doing, I went on to view his contributions logs and I saw astonishing contributions about some rivers of Kenya on 12-08-2018. During the 13-08-18 all he was doing was sorting and cleaning some texts from different articles. See for yourself HERE. This time I couldn’t be able to know which one was the last article to turn into 45K+, any idea how to go about?

Swahili Wikipedia community is happy to have Riccardo around! Soon we are going to outrun the Afrikaans Wikipedia. Very soon!

Feel free to share it and leave a comment below!









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      1. Check the number of articles (45,047 in my case), then go to Special:NewPages and count backwards from the top. 😊


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